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We take great care with every order that is received, making sure every order is packaged and processed correctly. So you can be assured that with each and every order you make with us, it will be exactly what was ordered and sent out to the correct address.


We at the British Candy Company guarantee that you will receive a friendly and professional service when ordering from us. 
If there are any questions or queries before, during, or after an order we are always more than happy to help. You can simply fill out our contact form or email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.


You can feel safe in the knowledge that with every transaction that is made with us, your details will be safe and secure. Our website is SSL certified and we use two of the best payment processors – Stripe and PayPal. Stripe accepts every major credit and debit card and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. At no stage do your card details become available to us. You can also choose to pay using your Paypal account or just simply use Paypal to also pay by credit or debit card (NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT NEEDED!) 


We use the most reliable delivery service – Royal Mail. With Royal Mail you can expect to receive your British candy box within days of the dispatch date. See our T&C for full details.


 I am so glad I found this site. Now that I can no longer get British Cadbury chocolate here in America, I can easily get it here. So easy to order and even with the standard delivery, my order arrives in about a week.

Lisa – Springfield, Missouri

 I received my British candies today within a week of ordering and I couldn’t be more pleased. It took be less than five minutes to complete my order and by box of candy is here with me already, thanks Guys! 

Glenda – Orlando, Florida

 I was recommended to The British Candy Co after having some bad experiences with other companies when trying to get my hands on British chocolate, and you sure didn’t disappoint. The candy arrived all safe and secure and with long use by dates. I will most certainly be ordering from you from now on. 

David – Sacramental, California


You can be assured our British candy is only of the highest quality. All our chocolate and sweets are officially from the United Kingdom. We only purchase our products from the most reputable distributors in England.

Our candy is all stored in a temperature controlled facility and only for short periods of time before it is shipped out. How we ship the candy is of the utmost importance.  We take great care when packaging our candy, using the right materials to help ensure delivery of the candy in the best possible condition.

Why is British Candy So Good?

British chocolate may look the same as chocolate from other countries but the taste is very different.

In almost all countries the ingredients have been altered, this change produces a more powdery taste and it also makes the chocolate far too sweet.

But British chocolate, on the other hand, is much richer and smoother.

America and in many other countries their chocolate typically contains much more sugar, where as British chocolate generally has higher fat and cocoa content. It is this difference that gives the chocolate it’s unique richer smoother taste.

UK rules stipulate that for a product to be considered “milk chocolate” it must contain at least 25% cocoa solids but in America and many other countries it is far lower at 10%. British Cadbury Dairy Milk also lists milk as its first ingredient where as in the US and many other countries the first ingredient is sugar.

Cadbury is a British company and is still based in Britain but Hershey hold the manufacturing rights to Cadbury chocolate products in America. This license gives Hershey the rights to alter the recipe.

Here at the British Candy Company we provide America and the world with the delights of UK based Cadbury and all the other classic British chocolate and sweets.

Just 3 Steps To Your Favourite British Chocolate And Sweets


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[fruitful_dbox] 2. Choose your favourite British Candy [/fruitful_dbox]
[fruitful_dbox]3. We’ll send you your box of British treats! [/fruitful_dbox]

Buying British Candy


We all know that British chocolate and sweets are the best tasting candy in the world.

But where can you get it?

If you are not living in Britain what do you do if you are craving British chocolate and sweets? Sure the country in which you are living may have a local store or maybe even the supermarket may have a few but can you be sure that they are officially from Britain. Many times they are not and the recipe has been changed because every country has a different manufacturing process. Then of course you cannot guarantee that the British candy has been stored well. What generally happens is that stores buy in huge bulk and then subsequently store the candy in warehouses without any temperature control, so the chocolate and sweets are for the most part, sat in a warehouse in the middle of a hot country for up to six months until they are finally shipped out. Yuk, by this time the taste will have completely changed.

Is it banned?

There is also the strong possibility that you cannot even get the chocolates and sweets that you want. In many countries they have made it illegal for importation of certain candies, leaving the only legal way to get your hands on British candy is by mail order from companies such as britishcandyco.com. Maybe the country you are living in does allow the importation of British chocolate and sweets but how readily available are they? It is probably rare for them to be on every shop corner and can you even get the candy you crave. Can you get British candies such as Cadbury Flake, Nestle Smarties for instance or Mars Galaxy, we receive many emails saying they can’t.

What about British sweets?

To get your hands on British sweets is even more difficult. Bassett’s Jelly babies are very hard to come by, as is Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles and Jelly Tots. What is even harder to find is classic penny sweets. Do you know were you can buy Fizzy Cola Bottles, Jelly Twin Cherries or Pink and White Mice.

Get it from The British Candy Co.

All this says it is very difficult to get your hands on true authentic British Chocolate and Sweets and it doesn’t need to be. You can order your favourite British candies very easily by ordering online here at The British Candy Co. from our online sweet shop, all at great prices and we deliver all over the world. Ordering has been made as simple as possible and we have a secured checkout process along with our entire site that is SSL certified.


The British Candy Co was set up to provide the world with great taste of British chocolate and Sweets. We want these yummy British candies available to everyone. Just because you do not live in Britain doesn’t mean you have to go without. Just because the country that you are living in is frightened by the competition and is restricting or banning the importation of our famous sweet shop treats, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them.

The Mission.

We are providing a service, a mission, to provide everyone everywhere with the opportunity to still be able to have their favourite British candies. Whether you are in Sydney or Honolulu, the world has no bounds. With the power of the internet and the muscle of Royal Mail, you can have them wherever you are.

No more Christmases without a British chocolate advent calendar, or stockings without a Cadbury selection box, or Christmas dinner without a box of Roses for after.

No more Easters without a chocolate egg or a mother’s day without Cadbury Milk Tray.

Halloween need not have scary tasting candy, you can have British candy!

We are here to help, we are here to allow you to have your favourite British chocolate and sweets.

A British Candy Story

Someone once said, British candy was the absolute the best. Now Candy from other lands can be just fine but candy from Britain is just divine. I was told to try some, try some they said, this candy is fantastic it is really the best. They named all the British chocolate and all the British sweets. Now you may ask what are sweets? sweets are jelly candy, another yummy treat.

Where to buy British Candies?

So I wanted to try some and try some now, but how?  I asked around and everyone said The British Candy Company was by far the best. Is this candy just for children? no not at all, it is for everyone, the young and the old, the short and the tall. So I made an order and I wanted it fast, I ordered the candies and oh boy it was fast fast fast!  Before I knew it, it was right here, I was so happy, it felt like the most wonderful time of the year! The box was perfect and carefully packed, I was jumping with excitement, I really needed to relax. So I took some deep breaths and then with great care I opened the box, and guess what was there?

My British Candy Box

It was candy of course, British chocolate and sweets, great tasting candy for a great tasting treat! It was full of classics and to name just a few, there was Dairy Milk, Wispa, Twirls and Bites too. Boost, Buttons, Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut, Curley Wurly, Crunchie, Flake and a Fudge! It didn’t stop there, there was also Yorkie, Rolo, Lion, Caramac, Toffee Crisp, Revels, Ripple’s, Mars and a Twix. That is just the chocolate, not to mention the sweets, there were Jelly Tots, Pastilles, Gummy Teeth, Bon Bons and wine gums. Cola Bottles, All Sorts, Fudge and Fizzy Dums.

Yum – British chocolate & sweets

These British Candies are delicious, they really are, the best tasting candy simply by far. It did not take me long to get through the whole box and believe me there really was a lot, but it was so yummy, such a  scrumptious treat, the taste this candy, really cannot be beat. Once I was finished the box was all bare, all I could do was just sit and stare. I was sad, for my treats in my British candy box were all gone but the sadness wouldn’t last for long. Straight on my computer I ordered some more, more of this delicious British candy from the online store.

Order from The British Candy Co.

I was so glad to find these wonderful treats, these British candies with a price that can’t be beat. Ordering was so simple from this secured online store, shopping was a pleasure, it didn’t feel like a chore. I would recommend them to everyone, to get British chocolate and sweets, they are the one stop shop for your favourite British treats!

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